WeSeeGhosts Roadmap

3 min readJun 5, 2022

Phase 1

Breaking News: Ghost Summons?!

Ghost Summoning

  • The ghosts have arrived and they need our help! Clear the mausoleum of all corrupt entities and summon a ghost to become a Geist!

What Do You Mean They’re Evil?!

Alignment Reveal

Which realm is your ghost aligned with? To whom will you pledge your loyalties? Forge your alliance when alignments are revealed! Who will you side with?

Purity Reveal

It feels like the realm itself is rejecting me! Some ghosts are more naturally attuned with the spiritual realms… how pure is your spirit?

Full Ghost Reveal

The ghosts have emerged from the shadows and have finally revealed themselves! What beautiful tortured souls they are!

And So It Begins

“Ghost Draft” P2E Alpha — Season One

  • Staking: Send your ghostly companions to safely roam the crypt for $ECTO, or haunt those who dare to toy with dangerous forces that no one can comprehend!
  • Haunting: Stalk those who dare to play with the unknown powers surrounding the burial grounds… but tread lightly lest you fall victim to possession yourself! Win big or lose yourself trying!

Phase 2

The Draft Draws Near, Fight!

“Ghost Draft” P2E Beta — Season Two

  • Encounters: Rumors have spread about mysterious creatures and malicious entities clawing their way up from beneath burial grounds. It may finally be time to take the fight to them.
  • Conjuring: Ghosts don’t die, they just kind of decompose… but supposedly there’s a way to gather those decomposed parts and conjure a new ghost from thin air?!

Breaking News: Will You Be Chosen?

“Ghost Draft” P2E Full Release — Official Draft Begins

The Astral Games are approaching! Councilors of thy realms, pick thy champions! Prepare thyself geists, the draft hath cometh!

Heed The Call of the Astral Games

“Astral Games” Alpha — Astral Games Begins

So begin the Astral Games! Spectral champions, prove thyselves in combat and reign supreme! Bring glory to your realms! Fight fight fight!

We Have Swag?!

Phygital Merch Store

In true WeSeeGhosts fashion, our merchandise exists in different forms. Digital goods, say hello to physical goods.

In-Game Marketplace

One-stop shop for everything WeSeeGhosts. We have wares if you have coin.

Phase 3

The Games Continue!

“Astral Games” Beta Release

It is now the second leg of the Astral Games and the competition is turning up the heat! Rise once more and face your challengers!

New Humans Approaching!

Geist NFT Collection

Well well well, look who finally decided to show up… you! Our fellow ghost-loving Geist.

Phase 4

Now With 100% More Phones!

Mobile Game Launch

It’s the same WeSeeGhosts gameplay you’ve grown to love, but on the go! It’s like playing WSG, but OUTSIDE!

And More!

“Astral Games” Full Release

The Astral Games have been raging on for months, and this tournament is nothing short of new twists & turns! This is it, the whole shebang!

Governance Token

Giving power back to our people. All in favor, say “I”




1,111 ghosts compete on the first OmniChain GameFi Metaverse. Grow Your Army, Conquer the Afterlife, Reap the Rewards!