The Truth: Why We See Ghosts

3 min readApr 12, 2022


Every millennium since the year 2022 B.C, the forces of The Pristine and The Tainted have hosted the Astral Games– a thinly veiled struggle for power disguised as friendly competition. Both The Pristine and The Tainted have charged the ghostly denizens of Purgatory to fight on their behalf for millennia…

This millennium’s games will choose 1,111 souls in an ethereal lottery called the Transcendence Draft. Ghosts, ranging from the saintly divine to the sinfully damned, are given the opportunity to compete for the glory of their drafted realms. Win and escape Purgatory in triumph, or lose and damn yourself to eternal humiliation and terror.

NFT Ghosts, WeSeeGhostsNFT
Picture 1. Preparation for Transcendence Draft

As the Draft approached, the phantasmic prospects were given mystifying news. For the 5th Milleniversary, the clash between realms would come with an unexpected twist…

Back on Earth in the twilight days of 2021 A.D, small groups of artists, engineers, and degenerates started catching glimpses of what looked like ghosts scattered across online communities. One of these ghosts, Grimm, did the impossible– they made contact with a human.

Grimm Ghost, WeSeeGhostsNFT
Picture 2. Grimm, the Ghost

Grimm immediately explained to the human that the ghosts were in desperate need of humanity’s help.

In their conversation, the true nature of The Afterlife was revealed. The seemingly never-ending war between the opposing realms, the millennial games, and the apocalyptic horrors of purgatory.

In order to escape Purgatory, Ghosts need to align themselves with a human. Willing humans can choose to become a Geist, conferring unto them the power to summon Ghosts. Once summoned, both Ghost and Geist must establish a soul link to achieve Alignment. The twist for the upcoming Astral Games? A Ghost must achieve Alignment with a Geist in order to be eligible in the Transcendence Draft.

Picture 3. The Alignment

Overwhelmed by the harrowing revelation, the anonymous human entered deep contemplation. All Grimm could do was watch in silence.

Anon: “Wait, first of all, how the hell am I able to see you, and why on my computer? This has got to be some sort of secret government virus.

Must be too much Hub… Ahhh… Damnit Norton, worthless piece of shi…”

Grimm: “Good question, humans aren’t generally able to see us… We ghosts have been trying to communicate with you humans for centuries in order to prepare for this millennia’s games. Maybe it’s your screen? Somehow it’s acting as a window into our realm.”

Anon: “This is wild, wait… I DID just apply a new tempered glass screen protector today… could it be?”

The human decided to do some research on the tempered glass company. In the process, he made an absolutely mind-bending discovery. As it turned out, the glass manufacturer created their tempered glass by melting down raw materials charged with an unknown, natural energy. These natural energies, when forged into the glass, allowed for imperfect glimpses into the purgatory realm.

Grimm convinced the human to spread the word about the Ghosts’ plight. The human agreed and assembled a team to let the world know of Alignment between Ghosts and Geists.

Picture 4. The Journey Begins

The human assembled a team of digital professionals, and together, they produced tempered eyewear using the same enhanced materials from the glass manufacturer. They dubbed their creation the “ghost goggles.”

Distributing them across the globe, they brought about a new era– one where humans and ghosts can work together (0,1). As more and more humans learned about the Omniverse, they realized the magnitude of suffering that lay within Purgatory. This drove them to join the cause en masse.

Day by day the draft draws near.

Day by day humans emerge as Geists.

Grimm: “ Alas, one step closer to escaping Purg…”




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