State of The Tomb: Post-Mint


Minting: Our Takeaway

  • Communication: In consideration of our community’s time and sanity, we should only give hard deadlines in the face of 100% certainty. If we are to say something will happen at a certain date or time, it should happen at that date and time. We apologize for our shortcomings in this regard. (SPIRIT has been sent out to our patient Ghost Whisperering Geists!)
  • Playtesting: Given the nature of our project and mint, we should have allowed time for more internal testing and troubleshooting before we went live. This was a hard pill to swallow for us and a harsh, but fair, lesson as we move forward. WeSeeGhosts is not a typical NFT project, and thus requires more oversight and consideration. This is the only way for us to ensure the best experience for our players.
The ghosts are swirling with anticipation!


Funding Goals

Supporting Titles and Flagship Game

Community Focus

  • What features of the P2E game are most important to you? Finance mechanics (Staking) or game mechanics (Combat)?
  • What rewards would you like to see sold in Grimm’s Shop? Add a backstory to your ghost? Custom traits?
  • Would you like to see Grave Run on mobile devices? Should this be made a priority?
  • What chains and/or marketplaces should we prioritize supporting next?
A communion of ghosts

The Road Moving Forward

  • Re-releasing Grave Run and Mausoleum Madness with gameplay and leaderboard updates
  • Launch the alpha build of our P2E title with Staking and Haunting functionality
  • Providing in-house tools such as a Rarity Checker and Traversing
  • Collecting and incorporating community input/feedback into various aspects of the project
A Ghost speaks to the crowd!


To The Moon!



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