State of the Tomb: Endsummer

Project Updates and Reaffirmations

4 min readSep 5, 2022

Greetings ghoulies, it’s your co-founder Hack. It’s been less than 3 months since the Genesis Ghosts were summoned by our first fleet of Geists, time has flown! Now’s a great time to provide some insight into what’s been going on behind the scenes as well as what we’ve been building toward.

What are we building? What is the end-goal?

On a larger scale, we aim to push the envelope by bridging gaming and cryptocurrency (Technology) with fashion, music, and community (Culture). Our way of accomplishing this is by creating a WeSeeGhosts universe multiple game titles, bound together with rich lore and Blockchain technology.¹

So far you have seen two of our games:

  1. The endless-runner demo, now dubbed Graveyard Dash.
  2. The minting experience, now titled Mausoleum Mayhem.

If you’ve been a member of our community or have been playing close attention to our Roadmap, you’ll know that we also have two additional titles in the pipeline:

  1. Currently our most anticipated game, Ghost Draft P2E[working title].
  2. And finally, the fourth title, Astral Games [working title].

You may be thinking:

“Four different gaming titles, how is that going to work or look like?”

The answer to this is that each title is a derivative of the same custom engine, but will also be developed independently of one another. Think of it as different game modes of the same game. This approach enables us to curate unique gaming experiences while allowing players to carry their progress across each game.

Graveyard Dash logo
Mausoleum Mayhem logo

So what have we been working on?

Taking into account the current state of the cryptocurrency & NFT markets along with our community’s responses to the WSG Post-Mint Survey, we believe it is best to utilize our resources to prioritize building. As described in our previous article, we see ourselves as jogging a marathon rather than running a sprint.

The good news is, we’ve been building! We have updates rolling out to our Mausoleum Mayhem and Graveyard Dash titles over the next couple weeks, consisting of leaderboard updates + events, titlescreen/UI changes, new abilities, new enemies, gameplay tweaks, and bug fixes! Following that, the alpha release of the Ghost Draft P2E title (including Staking & Haunting) is currently scheduled for Fall 2022! There are also plans to release in-house tools to allow players to traverse their Ghosts and view rarity statistics in the coming weeks.

Stages of Geist sprite evolution (WIP)

For the past couple months, our team has been in a transition period as we assess our resources and adjust to a long-term model. We greatly appreciate those who have been keeping up with us; and we recognize that our way to respect our community’s patience is with communication and transparency². Moving forward, we have agreed as a team to commit to monthly status updates which will be a mutually beneficial opportunity to gather feedback and provide insight progress.

What’s to come?

This transition period has allowed us to step back and reassess our project in the context of the current landscape. Through reflection, we’ve identified areas of our project that we wish to approach from a different angle now that we are post-mint, such as marketing, community building, and overall messaging. As we continue to revisit our initial strategies and cultivate our gaming experiences, expect further developments and adaptations to the WeSeeGhosts formula.

Til next time fellow Geists!


[1]: Think of the Pokémon or Dungeons & Dragons franchises.

[2]: In an effort to be transparent (ghosts are see-through, after all!), we will elaborate and provide more context in Discord.

[3]: Status updates will consist of game development progress, new announcements, changes/updates with the project as a whole, new collaborations, that we are comfortable with previewing or sharing at the time.




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