Protocol 0A-2/x: Unknown Invader

New Community Currency Rollout and Discord Server Changes

3 min readMay 28, 2022

We weren’t sure what exactly was going on with the FOB (forward operating base), but it looks like it was compromised. Grimm and some of the other ghosts have been working on new defensive measures, and we were barely able to roll them out in time. We knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. There are too many vulnerabilities for us to cover, the best we can do is stall them until we grow stronger.

Picture 1. Something spooky is in the air

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. Like I said, Grimm and the other ghosts managed to roll out the new security measures. It’s a complete overhaul so we have plenty of room for upgrades down the line as well. I’ll do a quick overview of the changes so that you don’t get lost the next time you come by.

First, let’s talk about SPIRIT

The time draws nearer for us to finally take action. We’ve opened a shop within the base for our members to buy certain items from, and the currency they’ll be using is SPIRIT.

Picture 2. SPIRIT

It’s only usable within the base, but it’s useful– very, very useful.

We’re planning on giving away SPIRIT to our most active members. Members who engage with the community and are generally helpful and active.

SPIRIT will be the basis for many community events moving forward, so we hope our members will be more active in trying to earn some.

Now, let’s talk security

We’ve made some pretty drastic changes to the server, aka FOB. Grimm and the other ghosts have rolled out a three-layer security protocol. They are as follows:

  • Layer0
  • Layer1
  • Layer3

Layer0 is a wide sweeping mist designed to confuse and mislead potential invaders. Everyone who enters the FOB will first have to enter a secret code to gain access to the rest of the server. The code won’t be anything too difficult, but it’ll be enough to prevent the mindless horrors that seek to invade us.

Layer1 will be the main structure of the server. It’s more or less what we had before, but with room for more upgrades later down the line. This is where community channels and hubs will be for members to talk and engage with each other.

Picture 3. Are you going to reach a Layer3?

Layer3 is going to be where all of the higher level activities will go. The recent intrusion has made it clear that we need to start being more proactive before our main campaign begins. We’ll be using Layer3 as the space where members can pick up commissions, complete tasks, earn items, and make their way to OG Status. This is part of how we’ll be rewarding our most active community members. Who knows, maybe Grimm left some hidden secrets in Layer3.

This entire ordeal has left us pretty spooked, but it’s a relief that nothing terrible has happened. I hope to hear back from you soon.






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