Purity: WeSeeGhosts Play to Earn Game Hints At New Mechanic With Cryptic Message

4 min readMay 22, 2022


“A Pure Soul Is Like A Fine Pearl…”

When humans pass from the land of the living to the mist-covered realm of the dead, they take with them stains, marks, and obsessions. Their souls are covered in the remnants of their now expired lives. They are, in essence, impure.

Though of course these stains are not made of any tangible substance. They manifest themselves as separate energies– energies that long for the land of the living and are wholly incompatible with the Mist.

Why is this important?

Well with the The Transcendance Draft right around the corner, all manner of ghosts have been scrambling to get their hands on ANYTHING to rid themselves of their mortal vestiges. The Draft is a one-way ticket out of the eldritch horrorscape that is the land of the dead. We’ve taken to calling it the Mist, and the ghosts want out.

The caveat? Well, there are two that the ghosts must abide by:

  1. Align with a Geist (ie. partner up with a human)
  2. Reach a minimum Purity requirement
Picture 1. Ghost achieves alignment with the Geist

Purity isn’t the most accurate term to describe what the ghosts need to do, but it’s close. They need to try and get rid of as many stains as they can in order to become more attuned to the spirit realm. The problem is, it’s hard. Very hard.

Purity isn’t just a measure of ‘cleanliness’ (like I said, it’s not exactly the best translation). It almost acts as a limiter to a ghost’s powers. They might seem weak now, but who knows what’ll happen when their Purity reaches certain thresholds? But I suppose the flip side of that is that if a ghost’s Purity doesn’t reach standards, they won’t be allowed to participate in more dangerous activities.

So how is a ghost supposed to work on their Purity? The answer is simple, but it’s kind of… weird?

So ghosts can’t bring things with them, aside from the weird energies that make up their living vestiges, but there’s an exception to every rule, right?

What about artifacts?

Cue, artifacts. Artifact is a term that covers a wide variety of items, but all of these items possess pure, spirit-tuned energies. They come in all shapes and sizes, either as travelers that have pierced the veil between life and death or as natural amalgamations of the spiritual realms.

Picture 2. Ghost in search for Artifacts

Some artifacts are reduced to dust after use, while others persist and bestow other benefits aside from just Purity. What might these other benefits be? Well that remains to be seen, for the most part. We know that some artifacts visualize a ghost’s purity via a glowing aura. As difficult it may be to attain artifacts, there are fortunately some easier channels for acquisition.

There are plenty of vendors looking to offload various trinkets and gadgets in exchange for some $ECTO. These artifacts will be added to your wallet as tokens once purchased, but if you happen across a one-time use artifact, just don’t be surprised when you see it burn away upon use.

But what if you can’t afford the $ECTO to buy artifacts? Or what if your Purity isn’t high enough to participate in the more dangerous activities?

Picture 3. Ghost possessing the Gheist

How to earn $ECTO?

Well… look. You didn’t hear this from me, okay? But you could possess other ghosts to earn more $ECTO. And while you’ve got the other ghosts possessed, maybe you could even take them with you to try the more dangerous stuff? I have to warn you though, be VERY careful. Going after other ghosts like that is BOUND to come back around and bite you in the… behind.

The point is, this whole Purity thing? It’s important, very important. I’m hoping this information can give you an edge for when it happens. Another thing, have you been speaking with Grimm lately? He seems… off. He keeps mentioning something about wind? I’m not sure, better to keep an eye on him. Things have been feeling weird here as well. It’s been quiet, too quiet. Just stay safe.





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